Alma: a pop-up event in the New Orleans metro Area. Focusing on Honduras Cuisine. Presented by Chef Melissa Araujo

Best of Bycatch

Please joined The Best of Bycatch, will take place at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum on June 20th, 2017 at 5PM as part of our Culinaria Query educational series, in support of Eat Local NOLA, and co-sponsored by Restore the Mississippi River Delta. 

Culinaria Center is a food law and policy institute that is part of the National Food and Beverage Foundation. Culinaria Center seeks solutions in support of a food system that is integral to improved health outcomes, sustainable environmental goals, and real community development. Culinaria Query is an educational series constructed to highlight interesting food-related topics and what part they play in our food system. Invasive species to the Gulf are impacting not only the coastline, but also the seafood that is available to us commercially. This event is intended to highlight ways our community can play a part in preserving our ecosystem in our favorite way: by eating them.