Authenticity is simple - it embodies the spirit of the product. This is what we aim to create while designing the menus for Alma pop-up events. Placing high importance on the ingredients, we search for and purchase only the best local produce and artisan resources. Proud believers of the farm-to-table philosophy, we pay homage to the Honduran cuisine with these ingredients.

We pay tribute to our grandmother’s cooking with hearty dishes like Arros con Pollo and Chicharron con Yuca. Alma has its roots deeply entrenched into Honduran tradition and celebrating Honduran culture, food, and music. 


The simple. The authentic. The Honduran tradition.


Pepper Bowen 



Pepper Bowen is an accomplished eater of great food, preparer of home cooked meals, and has been described by her children as “a good cooker”. She believes the meaning of life includes a little bacchanalia. In a recent interview captured only by her girlfriends, while having a glass of wine on the porch, she is reported to have said “there are very few things you actually need to live. Don’t invest the limited time in your life eating mediocre food.”


Pepper became involved in Alma after a chance meeting with Chef Melissa. They bonded over food, as would be expected. Melissa’s dedication to using local products resonated with Pepper and through over conversations about food, they decided they could utilize their respective talents to bring amazing and culturally authentic food to the masses. Chef Melissa could bring light and happiness through her cooking; and Pepper could handle all the boring stuff.


Pepper is an environmentalist and a food lawyer by trade. She holds a BS from Tulane University, an MS from Regis University, and a JD from Loyola University of New Orleans School of Law. She worked as a project manager in a health system for several years before law school. Through law school she documented legal issues that involved climate change, non-structural remediation post-Katrina, seed saving, naturally occurring radioactive materials, urban farming, hydroponic gardening, water access, and farm to school. She is currently the Director of Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture, where she works to promote food access, address food security, and promote food sovereignty through an understanding of food culture. Check out the Culinaria Center blog here:

La Ceiba , Atlantida Honduras  My Father was Born in La Ceiba as a child i remember this particular view of the city  the mountains  in the back , the ocean.  the cool air in my face  , my best memories were made in these city . 

La Ceiba , Atlantida Honduras 

My Father was Born in La Ceiba as a child i remember this particular view of the city  the mountains  in the back , the ocean.  the cool air in my face  , my best memories were made in these city . 

Melissa Araujo 

Executive Chef & Co-Owner

chef Melissa Araujo

Melissa Araujo was board in La Ceiba , Atlatidad  Honduras  a small beach town in Atlantic Coast of Honduras. She spent summers fishing, and helping her Grandmother with the farm animals  in the fall she was back to New Orleans were life was different but exciting in every way. Life , Family inspired Melissa  to enter the culinary industry and after working in local restaurants right out of high school, She decided to focus all of her time on becoming a chef. 

Melissa has work  with 

1999 to 2005 Melissa from in Milan, Italy , 2011 Melissa work at Mondos Restaurant for Chef Susan Spicer (James Beard Award winner for best Chef in South ) 2012 she joined the team for R'evolution Restaurant for John F0lse & Rick Tramonto.

2013 She work has Sous Chef Doris Metropolitan. 2015 She work for Chef Alon Shaya at Dominica Restaurant & Shaya Restaurant. (2015 James Beard award winner best Chef in the South ) . 2013 Melissa Brought to life Saveur Catering LLC  and 2015  Melissa Brought to lifeAlma pop-up restaurant focus in Hondurans Cuisine. 

When Melissa has free time, you can find her at the beach with her two dogs Charlotte & Maximilian or traveling.

Bistec Encebollado  

Bistec Encebollado